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Amustela is capable of providing instruction and in the moment feedback on a variety of topics including musicality, Egyptian technique, prop usage, playing zils and all topics included in the traditional 6 Part American Restaurant Show.



Amustela would love to visit your studio or event and has mulitple 2 - 4 hour workshop topics ready to present - technique, combinations or choreography based.  All can be tailored to your students needs.   Topics to include the Music and Dance to Om Kalthoum, Veil, Sword, Tray balancing and all manner or technique - baladi, taxsim and drum solo. 

Historical Lecturer


"Know your Dance Roots"  a comprehensive group of lectures or lecture combination - dance workshop - is a specialty of Amustela.  Topics such as the History of AmCab, the Style of Samia Gamal, The Mystique of the Harem Girl,  and many more are available for Amustela to share. 

Engaging Performances


Whether it is in a restaurant with a live band,  a private party, international festival or a theater stage - Amustela is world renown for her engaging performance and connection to the audience.



Amustela can combine her historical lectures and technique workshops to provide a one or two day long intestive on  the History and Technique of American Cabaret - in "Know your Dance Roots".

The promise


Amustela will promise a high quaility experience - whether it be for instruction, historical accuracy, cultural sensitivity or performance.  There is no substitute for experience and dedication. 

Booking Options

Standard Workshops :Can be negotiated with contract at a 70/30 split or as a standard per hour rate of instruction (starting at $150 per hour)

Workshops at National or International Festivals and Conventions : Negotiated with Contract - very willing to work with your budget.

Coaching or video critique :$75 per hour 

Private Lessons : $75 per hour of instruction in Charlotte NC, USA - can vary based on difficulty of instruction, prop use, choreography etc....

Performance Coaching for professionals also available.

Private Party Performance:  Starting price is $400 plus travel expenses

Weddings : Start at $500, plus travel expenses.


Hire the best

Amustela's Story


Amustela began with her love for this art in her childhood and with formal instruction that began in 1985..   She has been blessed to have studied and performed with some of the very best legends in the United States;  The Legendary Adriana of DC, Habiba of Philadelphia, Latifa, Helena Vlahos, and Artemis Mourat.  

She is a child of the "Bobby Farrah" school - his classic and enduring style, though her instruction from Habiba, Latifa, and Fahtiem .   She embraced Turkish style from the renown Artemis. 

Find Amustela on Youtube for "Let's Enhance Our Dance" to experience her teaching expertise for yourself. 

Awards and Distinctions

Competition Judge – Jewels of the Orient, East Coast Classic and Belly Dance Nationals

Judge for Season one “Bellydance Project” -Cheeky Girl Productions

Featured in Elan Magazine for the Arts "Amustela " June 2006

Jewel of the Nile, First Runner up 2004, Jewel fo the Nile, third place 2006

Jewel of the Nile "Best in Business" and Josphine Baker Award (for Contribution to Dance) in 2006

East Coast Belly Dance Classic - People's Choice Grand Champion 2004,

2nd Place Troupe East Coast Classic 2005

Currently hosting “Let’s Enhance our Dance” on Amustela Dance Youtube Channel and Vimeo. 

Workshop details

Example Workshop Content


Vintage Orientale, Subtle Magic

Learn to dance to the soulful music of Om Kalthoum “Classic” Orientale. This will be a history and choreography based workshop exploring Al Atal – “The Ruins”, where you will learn combinations, technique and the subtle hallmarks of what comprises the classic interpretation of “The Diva’s” music. You will explore the vintage oriental dance vocabulary and the political, social and creative history that surrounded the dance. Some belly dance experience would be helpful but not absolutely necessary. Handouts will be provided.

“Know your Dance Roots – American Cabaret”

Come and dance through time in this combination historical lecture and dance technique
workshop. Amustela will take you on a journey that started at the turn of the 19 th Century with “Little Egypt” through the mid 20 th century. The immigration patterns, the pop culture and world events allinfluenced and left their mark on “Bellydance” as it was developing in the  United States. Dance combinations and the evolution of the “the restaurant show” will be explored. This workshop is suitable for all levels of dancers, handouts will be provided.

Stage Dynamics and Drama in Dance (Developing Stage Presence) -   a technical approach to building an impactful dance performance.  Specific instruction on the use of space, timing, attention focus, and musicality will be demonstrated and discussed.   This workshop content is designed to enhance any style of dance performance (choreography or improv) but most notably will enhance your ability to create a flawless improvisational dance performance and connect with your audience.  No props are necessary – suitable for all levels of dancer. 

Golden Age Dance Orientale - the Stylistic Hallmarks of Samia Gamal   Through video footage and breakdown of technique, this workshop will give you the postures, movements and artistic tools to recreate the elegant dance style that emerged from 1940 - 1960 during the "Golden Age" of Egyptian film.   There will be a compare and contrast between popular dancers of this time period (Samia Gamal, Tahia Kariokia and Naima Akef) and a comparison to the technique of today.   There is a focus on the combinations seen in the films of Samia Gamal.   The workshop contains historical references and information, video links/references, a break down of the style hallmarks, basic technique and combinations.  No props are necessary for this workshop.  Suitable for all levels of dancer.  

Vintage Veil - the stylistic hallmarks of Golden Age Veil technique.
This workshop can be offered alone or as a follow up to the "Golden Age of Bellydance".   This workshop will utilize video footage from Golden Age Arabic films to illustrate the different style of veil usage being developed outside the United States from approximately 1940 - 1970.  Veil holding, postures, movements and techniques will be taught along with a compare and contrast to the veil dances seen in the U.S. both then and today.   A 3 yard rectangular veil is required for the workshop.  Suitable for all levels of dancer - but please note that there will be some turning utilized during the dance portion of the workshop.


A lesson designed to demystify the use of double veil. Multiple types of fabric can be used for double veil work, however, Amustela will concentrate on the use of semi-circular silk veils in this class. Elements such as how to wrap, unwrap, managing the flow and speed, basic shapes, spins/turns and "Double Veil Personality" will be explored. Participants will complete a short veil choreography to help you remember the technique and the combinations. Handouts will be provided. Some veil experience required.  

Drum solo and Holistic hips – it’s more than just a shimmy This workshop will present various combinations that can be utilized in a drum solo beyond the basic shimmy. Pops, locks, and staccato interpretations of movement will be explored. There will be guidance on how to create eye-popping combinations, create new and surprising uses of tempo, timing and intensity of movements. Different types of shimmies, various poses and transitions of movements in drum solos will be presented as well as created highlighting your own personal flavor, interpretation and style. Some belly dance experience would be best for this type of workshop. No props required. 

Understanding the “5 part” restaurant show in America – lecture and technique. At the end of this workshop students will perform a condensed version of a restaurant show to include entrance, veil, drum solo and finale. 

Playing Zils “Am Cab” style – students will learn about and how to perform with finger cymbals in a style largely not seen in today’s belly dance. Focus on playing the melodic lines of the music and also to include transitions to harmonic, tempo, rhythm and timing of the music.

Veil the Am-Cab Way - students will learn the art of wrapping and unwrapping a veil, as well as some of the stylistic hallmarks of a veil portion of a show. A short choreography will be provided.

Drum solo – Don’ Sweat It when it is a live drummer - students will learn how to interpret and perform in a drum solo in a playful and engaging way, that does not exhaust you. Techniques utilized by dancers to live drum solos that lasted for long periods of time. How to cue and create a drummer – dancer partnership in performing. Techniques may also be applied to recorded music.

"All Styles Welcome" - combinations that work for belly dance., no matter your style. Also how to explore and play with adding other styles to your repertoire. 

"Slow it Down" - the "exciting" taqsim and the “baladi progression”

  Balancing and dancing - a use of candle tray and sword, or any balancing prop, with grace. Also tips on what to do when things get off balance and finding your best center of gravity. 

The Veil - "Simply Beautiful" a choreography-based workshop, suitable for beginners

 "Short Edge" - Sassy Veil work – a new twist on an old prop.

Multiple Historical Lecture topics - Evolution of Belly Dance in the United States, The mystique of the Harem Dancer, The story of Samia Gamal  and many other topics. 

Any many other possibilities – based on your student’s or event’s needs.



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